What is Green Graphic Design?

Louise Tamiazzo
3 min readApr 17, 2021


If you already take a look into my other posts you certainly noticed that I mentioned a lot how to create a green and eco website. But what does being a green designer actually means?

By definition green design is the philosophy of designing physical or digital products in accordance to the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability. According to McLellan, the objective of sustainable design is “to eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design”.

A UX/UI Designer (specialised in apps and websites) for example, has to please the client of course, but above all, the final user. A green designer has an even more important goal: to make the world a better place.

In practice, it means an ethical professional who respects people, animals and the environment. Someone who understands about the best practices, about sustainability and materials.

What's the difference between a normal graphic designer and a green graphic designer?

Initially we all start at the same point: understanding the client needs and gathering information about the market. The difference is when we begin to recommend and to create solutions.

Green graphic designers will always take in consideration the "why". Why do you need a print campaign? Maybe would be better to have a digital version or any version at all.

If still a print campaign or business cards, for example, are indeed necessary what is the most ecological paper in this situation? Where is going to be printed and how is going to be transported? What is the least heavy ink to be used?

Green graphic designers will also better lead your brand into sustainability. What is the message you want to spread? What is your commitment to the world? What are the values of your brand that is actually good for everyone? They will translate all that in real actions when it comes to design.

Green graphic designers advocate for change and awareness.

What are the most important practices?

Verified Supply Chains: Green designers will help you to choose more sustainable partners, like a host provider (for websites) that uses renewable energy source, local printers and shops/companies committed to the environment and community.

Paper and Ink: Are you aware how to make conscious choices when picking the best kind of paper and ink for your project? Plant-based soy ink vs petroleum based inks, for example, have a lower VOC emissions and can minimize air pollution. Soft-touch matte coatings and foils are very popular, but the paper can't be recycled later. Choose wisely!

Design with awareness: Heavy images and websites takes a lot of storage from the servers, what need a lot of energy to keep cool. Bleeds (for printing) are just extra unnecessary paper. Dark colours are better for web because of energy waste, but white is better for printing.

Work ethically: Respect the community, the people involved, and watch for every little step. Teach your audience how to make better choices too.

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